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Who we are

Producers Savings Bank Corporation, formerly known as “Producers Rural Bank of San Jose City (N.E.) Inc.” started its’ humble beginnings in 1995. Today, with 108 operating branches, the bank also prides itself as the biggest lender to individual palay farmers in the country today. With the bank’s new tagline – “We Support the Local Economy by Helping People Produce More Wealth!” best describes what Producers Bank is doing as a financial institution and the focus of all its business endeavours. The highlight for 2013 insofar as Producers Bank is concerned was its merger with Iloilo City Development Bank (“ICDB”), Producers Bank’s thrift banking subsidiary, on 1 November 2013.

The Producers Bank logo represents the aspiration of the Bank as expressed by the ideals of its four publics (customers, employees, creditors, and shareholders). These four publics are the four sides of the logo. These interlocking publics, if put together, share a common spirit of sacrifice, honesty, and teamwork. Thus, creating a solid and stable institution represented by the square of the logo. The Bank sees itself becoming the avenue – the yellow path – through which the countryside’s green resources are transformed into new golden wealth. It aims to be the primary development financial institution – represented by the color yellow – in the Philippine countryside – represented by the color green. The Bank, therefore, is the yellow sun rising on the Philippine countryside bringing new hope to Filipinos who seek a better future. Producers Bank is the dawn rising, shedding light to families and towns and bringing hope by helping people create new wealth.


  1. To be the most progressive, stable and strong private development financial institution in the Philippine countryside.


  1. To make our depositors happy with the value and quality of services they get from Producers Bank
  2. To provide responsive and innovative credit and other services needed by farmers, micro and small to medium entrepreneurs
  3. To assure challenging and rewarding jobs and long-term employment for our employees
  4. To make our stakeholders very proud of our contributions to economic development in the Philippine countryside

Products and Services

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