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Who we are

Philippine Business Bank (PBB) began operations on February 12, 1997, largely catering to the needs of small and medium scale businesses. The Bank’s significant achievement in serving the SME market laid the foundation of its phenomenal growth, establishing 15 branches in just 2 years from start of operations. Today, PBB has grown with a network of 115 branches nationwide, offering a range of innovative banking services. Building on a solid reputation and leveraging on strategic plans, PBB is setting the wheels of progress in high gear.


The basis for the Bank’s growth shall be our commitment for higher standards everyday, in everything we do in providing competitive products and services and through enthusiastic execution and teamwork in producing satisfaction – for our customers, our shareholders, our associates and our communities.


By making things happen today, Philippine Business Bank will help build strong business communities where people can achieve their dreams.


To help our clientele make things happen…today, by providing high quality, professional and responsive banking services.

To help SMEs in building a broad economic base by helping them succeed in their business and making banking services accessible to them.

To build a nurturing work culture which respects individual differences and encourages excellence.

To promote the best interests of our clients, stockholders, employees and other stakeholders.

Products and Services

Auto Loan
Salary Loan
Housing Loan

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