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How Lendr Works

Applying for a loan that’s right for you is easy with Lendr

1. Choose a financial institution.

Go to Partners page and select a financial institution where you can apply for a loan.

2. Register to create a Lendr account.

After selecting a partner financial institution, you may register to create an account. Note that you may use your Lendr account credentials to log into the web page of all our partners.

3. Fill out and submit your loan application.

After registration, you will be directed to your chosen financial institution.  Choose the loan product, complete the application and click APPLY button.

4. Once approved, claim your loan proceeds.

    • You will receive SMS notifications  for status updates on your loan application.
    • Once your loan is approved, you may ACCEPT it by accessing the page of the financial institution. 
    • Your loan proceeds will then be released via existing disbursement channels of your chosen financial institution. Some channels are: 
      1. Credit to your Bank Account
      2. Manager’s Check
      3. Pick-up from one of the financial institution’s branches

5. Make payments on your loan.

Pay your monthly amortization through branches or payment centers of the financial institution.