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How Lendr Works

Applying for a loan that’s right for you is easy with Lendr

1. Create your Lendr account.

Register to access the Lendr Marketplace.

2. Choose a loan or credit card.

Once logged on to Lendr, a wide range of loans and credit cards is available to you. Select one you’re interested in.

3. Fill out and submit your application.

Complete your application, confirm agreement to the T&Cs and click the SUBMIT button.

4. Once approved, claim your credit card or loan proceeds.

You will receive SMS notifications for status updates on your application.​
Once your application is approved, you may ACCEPT the offer on Lendr.​
For approved loans, proceeds may be released via the existing disbursement channel(s) of your chosen financial institution. Some channels are:​

  1. Credit to your Bank Account
  2. Manager’s Check
  3. Pick-up from one of the financial institution’s branches

5. Make payments on your loan.

Pay your monthly amortization through branches or payment centers of the financial institution.