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What is Lendr?

Lendr is a website or mobile app where you can discover the loan that’s right for you. It lets you choose a financial institution, apply for a loan and get approved with the use of any mobile device. No need to go through the hassle of going to bank branches and waiting in line.  With Lendr, you can also manage your active loans, monitor loan balance, payment progress and view your amortization schedule.

How does Lendr work?

Lendr is your one-stop loans shop to apply for your desired loan products from our partner financial institutions. Applying for a loan that’s right for you is as easy as 1-2-3 with Lendr.

  1. Go to and click the PARTNERS page and choose the financial institution where you want to apply for a loan.
  2. Register to create a Lendr account.
  3. After registration, you will be directed to your chosen financial institution. Complete your loan application together with all the documents required and wait for loan approval.

You will receive SMS notifications on the progress of your loan application. You will also be able to view the status of your application through your Lendr profile.

How do I create a Lendr account?

To create a Lendr account, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to, click on Partners page and choose a financial institution.
  2. You will be redirected to the sign up page, enter your mobile number then click “Submit”. A verification number will be sent to you via SMS.
    Only SIM cards issued in the Philippines can be used to register (SMART, Talk ‘n Text, Sun Cellular, Globe/TM). For those who will work (OFW) or travel abroad, activating international roaming before registering to Lendr is necessary.
  3. Enter the verification number then click “Verify”.
  4. Upon verification of your mobile number, fill the necessary fields in the Lendr registration form.
  5. Click “Agree” on the Lendr Terms and Conditions and Data Privacy, then click “Create Lendr Profile”.

What kind of device do I need to access Lendr?

The Lendr website and app can be accessed through any mobile device such as Smart Phones, Laptops, Tablets, and desktops for as long as they have internet connection. If you are a Smart or Talk n Text subscriber, you may access Lendr free of data charges via the freenet app. It requires Google Chrome (version 48+) browser.

What is Lendr’s Terms and Conditions?

Please visit this link for the full Terms and Conditions of Lendr:

What is Lendr’s Privacy Policy?

No, you cannot. If you plan to change your registered mobile number, please inform the bank or financial institution where you took up your loan

Account Issues

Can I import my Lendr account to another mobile number?

Please visit this link for the full Privacy Policy of Lendr:

I lost my phone and my Lendr Mobile Number, how do I access my account now?

You can still go to any device or computer and access using your Registered Mobile Number and nominated password to access your account. You also need to inform your bank or financial institution, as well as your telco provider.

What should I do if I didn’t receive any verification code.

You may click the Resend OTP link and a new verification code will be sent to your mobile number.

How do I reset password?

You may click the Forgot Password link on the log-in page and assign a new password for your Lendr account.

What kind of loan products can I apply for in Lendr?

  • Personal Loan
  • Salary Loan
  • Cash Loan
  • DepEd Loan
  • Payday Loan
  • Home Loan
  • Car Loan
  • Agri Loan
  • Microfinance Loan
  • Bridge/”Bale” Loan
  • Appliance Loan
  • Motorbike Loan
  • TV Shopping Loan
  • Truck & Equipment Loan
  • SME/Business Loan
  • Medicine Loan
  • Pawn Loan
  • OFW Loan
  • Travel Loan
  • Pension Loan
  • Credit Cards

How do I apply for a loan via Lendr?

  1. Go to and go to PARTNERS page.
  2. Choose your preferred financial institution where you want to apply for a loan.
  3. Register to create your Lendr account account. You may use your Lendr account credentials to log into the web page of all our partners.
  4. After registration, you will be directed to the page of your chosen financial institution. Completely fill out your loan application, attach any document requirements and click the SUBMIT button.
  5. Once your application is approved, claim your loan proceeds. You must access your Lendr account and ACCEPT the approved loan for the financial institution to proceed with disbursement of your loan.
  6. Booked loans will be disbursed via the financial institution’s disbursement method. Some of these are:
    • Credit to your bank account
    • Manager’s check
    • Pick-up through branch or accredited payment centers of financial institution

Should I still go to the bank/financial institution if I apply via Lendr?

No need to go to the bank/financial institution to submit anything. However, the bank/financial institution may require you to visit their branch during credit evaluation or during the release of your loan, if you choose branch pick up of your loan proceeds.

What are the requirements for a loan application via Lendr?

To complete your loan application via Lendr, you must fulfill the following:

  1. Register to create a Lendr account
  2. Completely fill-out the application form
  3. Upload a clear photo of required documents, if there are any (i.e. Proof of Income, Valid Gov’t IDs, Proof of Billing, Certificate of Employment, Copy of ITR). Document requirements vary per financial institution and per loan product.

Click on the e-signature button and submit your application.

How much can I borrow?

The loan amount varies per product and financial institution.

  • Microfinance Loan Minimum of P1,000 to a maximum of P10,000
  • Personal Loan The maximum amount you can loan is up to P2,000,000 but this is dependent on your monthly salary. Each financial institution has different calculation on how much loan you can get. You may be granted a higher or lower loan amount than you applied for.
  • Home Loan and Auto Loan The loan amount depends on the value of the asset (Car, Condominium, Land, House, etc), minus your preferred down payment.

How long are the payment terms?

The payment terms available differ per financial institution and loan product you are applying for. You can choose your preferred loan terms.

  • For microfinance loan it can be as short as 4 weeks
  • For personal or salary loan it can be up to a maximum of 24 or 36 months
  • For home or auto loan it can be 60 to 120 months.

How does the Loan Calculator work?

The Loan Calculator is used to estimate your monthly payment. Just input the loan amount and preferred payment term. Note: The monthly amortization displayed in the loan calculator is indicative and subject to other fees and charges of the financial institution.

I want to change something in my Loan Application, how do I edit the fields?

As the information in the Loan Application is based on the Lendr Profile, the only way to change the fields during a Loan Application is to go back to the Lendr Profile page and update your information. This is to prevent conflicting information in your Loan Application form and the Lendr Profile.

How do I upload documents?

You can scan the documents or take a picture with a clear camera and upload these in your loan application. Please make sure that the images are clear and readable for faster and smoother processing.

What are Bank Agreement Documents?

These are documents required by the bank before you can submit your loan application. With Lendr, you don’t have to go to the branch to personally sign the documents.  Examples of these documents are Loan Disclosure Form, Amortization Schedule, and Terms and Conditions.

What is an E-Signature?

Your e-Signature signifies your agreement with the terms and conditions of your loan application. You need. to click this button to successfully submit your application.

How do I follow up an application?

You may view the status of your loan application in Lendr.  You may also follow up an application by directly contacting the financial institution’s Customer Support.

Can I apply to multiple banks?

Yes, you may apply for multiple loans from different financial institutions Please take note, however, that approval will be depend on their credit evaluation.

How do I know the status of my loan application?

You will get a notification (via SMS, E-Mail or call) from the financial institution regarding status of your loan application. You may also login to your Lendr Account and click “My Loans” to view the status of your loan application.

The following are the definition of each loan application status:

    • SUBMITTED – this means the application has been submitted to the Financial Institution.
    • IN PROGRESS/IN PROCESS – this means that the application is currently being processed by the Financial Institution.
    • MORE_INFO – this means that the Financial Institution requires additional information that the Borrower must provide before the application can be processed.
    • DROPPED – this means that the Financial Institution has decided not to process the Borrower’s application after assessment.
    • WITHDRAWN – this means that the Borrower has withdrawn his application prior to having it approved by the Financial Institution.
    • APPROVED – this means that the application has been approved by the Financial Institution
    • REJECTED – this means that the Financial Institution has disapproved the loan application after assessment.
    • EXPIRED – this means that the application has expired due to the Borrower not Accepting the approved loan offer from the Financial Institution within a stipulated time.
    • ACCEPTED – this means that the approved loan offer by the Financial Institution has been accepted by the Borrower.
    • DECLINED – this means that the approved loan offer by the Financial Institution has been declined by the Borrower.
    • BOOKED – this means that the application has been recorded in the Financial Institution’s internal systems as part of their loan portfolio.
    • RELEASED – this means that the application has been recorded in the Financial Institution’s internal systems as part of their loan portfolio.
    • PAID-OFF – this means that Borrower has paid of all amortizations due for the loan account.

What should I do if I do not receive any notification regarding my loan application?

Please call the financial institution where you applied for a loan. You may also check your Lendr account details thru another computer or device to verify your email or other details.

I got approved! What should I do next?

Just login to your Lendr account and click “Accept Loan” in order for the financial institution to proceed with the disbursement of your loan.

How do I claim my loan?

You may claim it via the disbursement method you selected during your loan application. Below are the different methods, depending on the financial institution.

    • Crediting to Payroll Account if Pre-qualified/Whitelisted
    • Issuing of Access Card
    • Crediting to Savings Account under the selected bank
    • Interbank Wire Transfer
    • Manager’s Check
    • Pick up through branch or accredited payment centers of financial institution

Can I authorize someone to claim the loan proceeds if I opt not to credit directly to a savings account?

No. As the borrower, your must be physically present when claiming the Manager’s Check or Access Card at the financial institution’s branch.

How do I monitor my loans?

You will be able to track your loan balance, payment progress, and amortization schedule via Lendr. Just log-in with your Lend Account to monitor your loans. However, this feature may not be available for all banks.

How do I pay my monthly amortization?

Payment methods depend on the channels supported by the financial institution. Some of these are:

  • Auto-debit arrangement (Please contact your financial institution)
  • Post dated checks
  • Over the counter payment
  • Bayad Centers
  • Online banking
  • Mobile banking