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Who We Are

ALGO Leasing and Finance, Inc. (ALGO) was incorporated in June 2007. The company is majority owned by Mr. Antonio L. Go, the former Chairman of Equitable PCI Bank, the third largest bank in the country during that time. Mr. Go was also the Founder and President of Equitable Card Network, Inc. which was established in 1989, and was then the largest credit card issuer and acquirer in the Philippines until 2005. It was the only card issuer which carried the four major global credit card brands, namely VISA, MasterCard, American Express and JCB. He was a director and member of the Executive Committee of Visa International Worldwide. He served as Chairman of Visa International Asia-Pacific Board from 1998 to 2005 and was a director since 1980. Mr. Go is presently Chairman of the Equicom Group of companies which are now actively involved in healthcare, information technology and banking and finance.

ALGO is an Equicom Company. It has an authorized capital of P1.3 billion in common and preferred shares and has a paid-up capital of P 172 million.

ALGO offers a suite of competitive financial products and provides convenient processing to the small and medium-sized enterprises – its chosen market segment. With a workforce which consist of seasoned and competent leasing and financing professionals, the company takes advantage of the latest developments in information technology in the areas of product development, market scanning and risk management to serve its chosen market. The company is committed to stay connected and be sensitive to the demands of the market and continuously develop new products and services to help small and medium enterprises grow and prosper. From a start-up company, ALGO has grown to be a viable and responsible medium-sized leasing and financing company in the industry.

Product and Services

Secured Commercial Loan
Receivables Discounting
Floor Stock Financing
Consumer Loans

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